What’s Black And White And Brown All Over?

NYT 9.15.10This week’s crossword puzzles in The New York Times. We wrote about NYT crossword constructor, Natan Last, over a year ago when he brought famous puzzle editor Will Shortz to town for a special competitive event. Now this puzzle savant and Brown junior is making news again. According to The Providence Journal, this is ‘Brown Puzzle Week’ in The New York Times and all the puzzles from Monday through this coming Saturday have been constructed by Last and other Brown undergrads, some of whom have inserted the ‘brown’ theme into the puzzles. Today’s puzzle is by Zoe Wheeler, class of 2012.

Check out the ProJo photo of Natan Last by Andrew Dickerman. What’s a seven letter word meaning ‘smart aleck’ . . . starts with ‘wise’ and ends with ‘ass’?

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