Wavves Bring(s) Slightly Higher Fi To The Met


Initially this guy was a little too low fidelity for my ears. But then Nathan Williams put together a proper band and dialed up the fi to where it doesn’t sound like he’s recording in the stairwell of his old junior high.

The former lo-fi punk posterboy Wavves has cleaned up his act on his new album King Of The Beach. Wavves started as the bedroom project for Californian Nathan Williams, but for this album he recruited former Jay Reatard bandmates Billy Hayes and Stephen Pope and hit the studio to craft this set of totally polished and catchy tunes. Summer anthems about being a slacker and smoking weed have never been written with such convincing pep and energy..

Summer doesn’t have to end just yet. Head over to The Met which I saw for the first time last night and it’s awesome! Perfect place to see this band.

$12, 9pm, Monday, The Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket

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