Penultimate Beer Garden

boys dancing What better way to celebrate Oktoberfest than with the modern Ethiopian sounds of the Debo Band featuring Fendika?

An exhilarating eleven-piece Ethio-groove collective created as a means of exploring the unique sounds that once filled dance clubs of 1970s Ethiopia. Made popular through the renowned Ethiopiques series, the musical inspiration behind Debo Band is an unlikely confluence of Ethiopian pentatonic scales and vocal styles, American soul and funk, and the instrumentation of Eastern European brass bands – accordion, violins, horns, and drums. This is the debut U.S. tour of Debo Band and their Ethiopia-based guests, Fendika.

Okay, you’ve got an accordion in there, that’s kind of Oktober-y. These events are brought to you by the folks of Greater Kennedy Plaza — the music performances run from 5pm to 6:30pm. Only one more to go. Next week — Death Vessel.

Thursday, Beer Garden, 4:30pm to 7pm (performance at 5pm), Burnside Park

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