Providence Mounted Command — The Distaff

Officer Nichols with Hooligan Officer Patty Nichols gets a kiss from Hooligan, her partner of seven years. He was originally purchased from the Mennonites who found his work ethic not quite up to snuff; maybe he found pulling a buggy a bit of a bore. Nichols agrees that he’s pretty lazy, “It is not always easy getting him up in the morning, he likes to sleep in.”

Hooligan is a Georgian Grande — defined as Saddlebred mixed with certain draft breeds such as Friesian or Percheron. Hooligan is part Clydesdale.

While none of our new mayoral candidates have discussed cuts to the Mounted Command, this economic climate has everyone feeling vulnerable, particularly since the Boston Police Commissioner dismantled the oldest mounted command in the country last year.  (Providence Police Chief Esserman has been a supporter.) Nichols states that each of the unit’s nine horses costs a mere $11/day to maintain — food, vet bills, etc. — and even if they get rid of the horse, they would still have to pay for her to drive a car. Laughs Nichols, “They shouldn’t get rid of him, they should get of me!”

Hey, Hooligan, she’s really got your back.

[Officer Nichols is the best. They should just refuse to let her retire ever. Sorry Patty.]

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