Camelot Benefit Performance For Marriage Equality RI

6 pm — Wine Reception
7:30pm — Theatre Presentation
Thursday, October 7, Trinity Repertory Company

Marriage Equality Rhode Island is excited to host a presentation of the musical Camelot. King Arthur has everything — peace, prosperity and a happy marriage, but will the arrival of the handsome Lancelot change Camelot forever? Trinity Rep’s re-imagining of this masterpiece is a rich tale of love, honor and the quest to create a legacy.

Individual sponsorship tickets for MERI’s Camelot Benefit Performance are available for $100 and include the pre-event reception. Various sponsorship levels, which include multiple tickets and additional benefits, are also available. Thank you to BankRI and Providence Democratic Mayoral Candidate Angel Taveras for helping sponsor the event!

For more information, contact April Ricci by phone at (401) 941-2727 or email at

Thursday, October 7, Trinity Rep, 201 Washington Street

5 thoughts on “Camelot Benefit Performance For Marriage Equality RI”

  1. My comments may sound like a broken record, but I’m consistant in defending true marriage. This issue isn’t even really about marriage, it’s about same-sex attraction. That’s what we should be discussing, not marriage.

  2. Annie Messier

    …And no one who has read your broken-record comments on this site would expect you to draw any other conclusion ; )

  3. Regardless of what polls may say, true marriage is, has been and always will be the union of one man and one woman. I wasn’t referring just to rhode islanders, I was refering to the whole human race. I’m not familiar with this poll that you quote, but it sounds flawed to me.

  4. Annie Messier

    Rob, since you’re consistently determined to try and present your personal opinions as solid facts, I’ll just cut and paste the results of a state-wide marriage equality poll the ProJo reported just weeks ago:

    [When asked, “Do you favor or oppose allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally?” 59 percent of respondents were in favor and 31 percent were opposed.
    In 2008, 49 percent were in favor and 37 percent opposed.
    Answer choices were: Strongly favor, somewhat favor, strongly oppose, somewhat oppose, don’t know or no answer.
    When pollsters clarified the question pertained to civil marriages and that church and state would remain separate, 66 percent said they would favor legalizing same-sex marriage, with 28 percent saying they opposed it. Among those who identified themselves as Catholics, 63 percent said they would favor it, 32 percent said they oppose it.]

    Your “most of us know better” comment seems to be alluding to the very small crowd of people with whom you consent to socialize. Please get to know other Rhode Islanders before deciding to speak for them. Thanks.

  5. Once again, this group is fighting for something that already exists. Anybody in Rhode Island can marry anybody they want to. However, marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Any variation on that is illicit, regardless of what some other states may have put into law. I might add that this whole issue isn’t really about marriage, it’s about presenting same-sex attraction as something as normal and natural as being born with brown eyes. Thankfully most of us know better.

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