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Why weren’t these guys huge? American power trio King’s X performs tonight at Patriot Place in Foxboro. Showcase Live is an utterly charmless venue, in a mega-mall complex, surrounded by acres of parking lots, next to a highway, across from the stadium. The interior is generic and bland like a modern movie theater — however, there is a great sound system and lovely clean bathrooms. Go here to listen, it’s apparently the same three guys. King’s X is playing with Accept.

$30, Standing Room, Doors 6pm, Show 8pm, Wednesday, Showcase Live, Patriot Place, Foxboro

2 thoughts on “King’s X”

  1. Yes, I agree, it’s a good size. And I do not want to be an authenticity snob — I put this up because I think people should go. The one time I went however, they had tables and chairs on the floor which was totally inappropriate for that show (Dethklok and Tragedy). But friends have said that this is not always the case, and it looks like this show will be open floor, general admission.

  2. I actually like Patriot Place.
    Yes it’s in a mall – blah, blah, blah – but the venue is well designed and one of those places where you never have a bad view regardless of where you stand.

    It feels like an intimate setting, at just the right size and is fairly clean and well kept, including the bathrooms.

    A venue doesn’t have to be gritty to live up to some nebulous brand of authenticity.

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