Tiny Adorable Things At Children’s Museum

finger puppets Now this is how you get on The Dose. If you don’t respond to this image I weep for your malignant and blighted soul. These finger puppets are the work of Seekonk resident and children’s artist Megan Jeffery, part of a new exhibit at the Providence Children’s Museum.

I Live in a Small Town showcases a collection of finger puppet characters handmade using wool roving, fabrics and other materials in 17 small shops and settings in the Museum’s atrium walkway “window boxes.”  Visitors of all ages are intrigued by the fascinating scenes and see what details they can discover in the shops of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker; at a jamboree featuring instrument-playing barnyard animals; at a Parisian picnic visited by ants wearing berets; and on the beach with sandcastles constructed by crabs.  Each of Jeffery’s puppets has a unique personality, thanks to her thoughtfully selected materials and attention to the smallest details.

Museum admission is $8.50.

Exhibit runs through February 6, 2011, Children’s Museum, 100 South Street, 273.5437

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