Urge Obama To Replace Summers With A Progressive

We’ve just launched a new campaign over at Demand Progress.  Please take a few seconds and sign on:

An elitist, technocratic multi-millionaire who disdains dissent and made a fortune on Wall Street, Larry Summers typifies what ails the Democratic Party. For the last two years he’s served as director of President Obama’s National Economic Council where he’s been in charge of coordinating the administration’s economic policy — its response to the economic collapse and foreclosure crisis, its position on financial reform, and more. It’s tough for Summers to imagine a world without the mega-banks and mega-rich, and this has been reflected in the administration’s reluctance to adopt a populist posture as it contends with the bad economy and banking abuses.

Summers has announced that he’s leaving the NEC to return to Harvard later this year — and it’s well past time for the rest of us to have a seat at the table. Will you sign our petition asking Obama to pick a real progressive economist? Then we’ll let you have your pick of the candidates.

PETITION TO THE PRESIDENT: Out-of-touch millionaires with close ties to Wall Street have steered our economic policy for too long. As Larry Summers leaves the National Economic Council, President Obama should replace him with a real progressive who will stand up to the banks and fight for an economy that works for all Americans.

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