This Year Healey Is A Serious Contender

Robert J. Healey Jr. He has always been a serious candidate, but this year the stars (and the economy) have truly aligned in his favor — he could win this thing. Please take the time to read Robert J. Healey Jr.’s cogent op-ed piece in the Monday ProJo (Time for R.I. to stop funding useless office of lt. gov.). In it he explains why the office of lieutenant governor is unnecessary and spells out exactly what would happen should he win the election.

So, you ask, what would I do differently? I would serve as lieutenant governor, but I would do so without compensation and without hiring a staff, effectively shutting down the office, and immediately saving Rhode Island $1 million a year — $4 million during my entire term in office. I would assume all constitutionally required duties of the office.

If called to serve as governor, I bring a far greater skill set to the office than just health care. My background spans the three major areas of state governance: law and general welfare, education, and economic development.

I think he would make an excellent governor — overly qualified if anything, and smart as hell. And I am somewhat conflicted about using this amusing image — one of his campaign posters — for this posting. It’s great to have some witty and artful campaign materials out there, but it may cause some voters to regard his candidacy as a lark. (You can be sure incumbent Elizabeth Roberts is taking his challenge seriously.) Go read what this eminently reasonable man has to say, and then go to VoteHealey to download your own campaign posters and get ’em out there. (ProJo)

(Once again, these opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of the entire Daily Dose staff.)

[This just in from Ian Donnis over at WRNI: Roberts dropping $200k TV bomb on Healey. Thanks Ian.]

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