Potatoes For POTUS

Chace house It is no secret that President Obama will be dining at the East Side home of Providence developer Buff Chace this Monday evening. What must be going on inside this house right now? Gail Ciampa has a good rundown of the menu in today’s ProJo. And who else would be in charge?

Preparing the food for the $7,500-a-seat fundraiser are the chef/owners of the iconic Providence restaurant Al Forno, George Germon and Johanne Killeen. They were to be out of town on Monday, but when Chace called them two weeks ago, they changed their plans to serve the president.

Check out Brian Crandall’s report on Channel 10 taped at Maplewood Farms in Portsmouth, the potato supplier for the event. His unidentified guide (owner?) suggests the best way to prepare the red potatoes, “Mash ’em up with a little butter. . . well, actually lots of butter.” Hey, he stole my recipe.

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