I’ve Just Met A Girl Named Maria

Maria the Robot Think you’ve seen ‘Metropolis’? Not like this you haven’t. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the capitalists and robots (it’s complicated) depicted in the 1927 Fritz Lang masterpiece ‘Metropolis’. This will be the Providence premiere of the newly restored edition which includes 25 recently discovered minutes of footage cut from the original long ago. The New York Times describes the new version,

The newly found footage, about 25 minutes in length and first exhibited in February at the Berlin Film Festival, is grainy and thus easily distinguished from an earlier, partly restored version, released in 2001, into which it has been inserted. But for the first time, Lang’s vision of a technologically advanced, socially stratified urban dystopia, which has influenced contemporary films like “Blade Runner” and “Star Wars,” seems complete and comprehensible.

(Go here for the new website with trailer and background on the restoration.) It should be noted that the Cable Car Cinema has undergone a restoration of its own which should please everybody.

October 29 thru November 4, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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