I’ll Never Forget That Time I Was So Awesome

frank caprio According to today’s ProJo gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio has now fallen to third place in the polls. The pollster also asked voters whether the “shove it” comment had affected their opinion even though for many people it was the ensuing prevarication that reflected most poorly on his character. He left the distinct impression on Monday that the first he had heard about getting defriended was in a phone call from a reporter that day. That did not appear to be the case (ProJo).

But is this any more revealing than the latest campaign ad in which he confesses to refusing the car and other perks of office when he became state treasurer in 2006? He can barely hide his glee at how this clearly calculated move from four years ago is finally paying off. Step Two in his noble march to higher office took place at a table at Caserta’s Pizza following the big snow snafu of 2007 (ProJo).

There, flanked by his 10-year-old son, Frankie, and a framed photograph of his immigrant grandfather, the man who would be Rhode Island’s next governor opened his personal checkbook to people whose cars had been towed in the Blizzard of 2007.

Frank Thomas Caprio wrote checks totaling nearly $30,000 to people that Christmas season.

The word ‘unseemly’ comes to mind. Perhaps “shove it” was just the last straw in an already pretty cheesy campaign. (Video after the jump.)


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  1. That paying peoples parking tickets stunt was when he officially lost any chance of having my vote.

    That blizzard was the most perfectly forecasted storm in the history of storm forecasting in New England. It started snowing the exact minute it was forecast to and the exact amount of snow forecasted to fall did. Anyone who left their car parked on the street and got a ticket got what they deserved. There is such a thing as personal responsibility. Pandering to people who can’t manage their own lives is odious in my opinion.

    That car key commercial is so poorly done, it took me half a dozen viewings to figure out what he was talking about. “They come into my office with keys, and blah blah…” They who, who’s keys were they? Why are you telling me this? When I finally realized what he was saying my eyes rolled right out of my head onto the floor.

    Oh, and I defriended him on the Faceplace over a week ago when I finally got fed up to here with emails from his campaign and his Faceplace every 20 minute and being invited to 100 “Team Caprio” events a day. If he really was fighting for Rhode Island, like he claims, shouldn’t he have told me to “shove it?”

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