‘It’s A Complex World’ Returns!


Hard to believe that not so long ago terrorism and bomb plots could be mined for comedy gold. But here we have the beer blast to end all beer blasts, and the world keeps getting complexer.

Twenty years after its unprecedented three and one half month run there, the feature comedy Complex World (a.k.a. It’s a Complex World) will be showing at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence. The film, which was shot at the original Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, stars Daniel von Bargen and the late Captain Lou Albano, and features performances by the comedy rock band The Young Adults, Roomful of Blues, NRBQ, and Stanley Matis, who has been called the world’s most politically incorrect folksinger. In addition the screenings, the producers are releasing a DVD containing both the theatrical version of the film and an earlier, rough cut.

In his 1992 review for the New York Times, Stephen Holden labeled the movie a “terrorist rock farce” and that pretty much sums it up. Run time 81 minutes. Written and directed by Oscar-nominated auteur, and Scrabbler extraordinaire, Jim Wolpaw. Legendary club owner, Rich Lupo, performs a cameo as the mayor, and executive-produced the hell out of this thing. The title song by the Young Adults is excellent, and in a world with ears would have made them rich and famous.

$9, Complex World, November 5th and 6th, shows 7pm and 9pm, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

7 thoughts on “‘It’s A Complex World’ Returns!”

  1. Ohhh … can we do a double header with Rocky Horror at midnight?? I’ll bring the toilet paper and toast!!!

  2. that’s funny about transferring, because I personally transferred the Young Adults album from cassette to CD for the author of this article!

  3. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. So sad that I now live 3000 miles away and won’t be able to attend. At least I’ll be able to get Complex World on dvd instead of my vhs-transferred-to-dvd copy I have now. Where do I buy?

  4. this is so great!

    i didn’t grow up around here, but have lived here longer than anywhere else i’ve lived, and the stories i’ve heard about this era, the run-on-sentences i can ramble on with – they can only say how appreciative i am to have a link to the past here to find my Rhode Island Rock History!


    i’ll be there


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