Tea Party to RISC: “Heretics!”

It’s always heartening to see that this sort of thing doesn’t happen only on the Left.

Will George Nee Get the Last Laugh?
The RI Tea Party wonders:  Will George Nee get the last laugh?

RISC (Rhode Island Statewide Coalition) announced their endorsement of Frank Caprio for Governor of Rhode Island. The RI Tea Party believes that RISC has betrayed its own message to RI. Their endorsement smacks of the same old compromised insider politics.
“I am stunned by RISC’s lack of conviction”, states Colleen Conley, President of the RI Tea Party. “Frank Caprio has voted to raise taxes as a state legislator numerous times.  He boasts a plethora of Union endorsements. That just strengthens the unions ability to write their own rules of the game, to hire their own bosses. Caprio’s voting record clearly shows he has supported several tax increases and even supported efforts to organize day care workers in our state. Just more burden on the taxpayers.”

Reform groups in RI are sticking together in support of John Robitaille – the only candidate who has the conviction and understanding to represent all of the hard-working taxpayers in RI. He understands that government does not create jobs. He understands that taxing our way out of debt is a failed policy. He understands that without a financially healthy private-sector there will be no revenue to pay for public-sector services.

RI Tea Party and its members will not play political games.  Ever.

We stand by our convictions of sound government policy, fair and equitable taxation, fiscal and government data transparency, public education that works for students, voting rights, and growth of small business.

We stand by John Robitaille.

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