All You Need Is Gov, Love

Whether you’re with him or against him, let’s agree that Healey’s propaganda is better than ever this year:


And will they go on a second date?


1 thought on “All You Need Is Gov, Love”

  1. Annie Messier

    I LOVE the videos, and the artwork, and the campaign. This guy is great! But I’m saddened that RI can’t just have a governor and a lt. governor working as a team to better our state. The only news concerning Elizabeth Roberts that comes to mind since I moved to RI is the finger-pointing between her and Carcieri during that snowstorm “debacle” over who was left “in charge” that day. Not that they should be of the same party and run on the same ticket as the Romney/Healy or Patrick/Cahill partnerships in MA, but why can’t the gov. and lt. gov. plan to accomplish hurdles together? They appear to be at odds more than anything, and THAT seems more of a waste of time and money than the position of lt. governor itself. (If I’m totally wrong and Carcieri and Roberts do team up to effect helpful changes in the state, then I apologize–but I also haven’t seen much evidence.)

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