A Busy Weekend At Ada Books

Lots of doings this weekend! And it’s all free!

Friday, Nov. 12, 8pm: BSR (Brown Student Radio) invites you to spend an evening listening to poems and proses by Walker Mettling & Art Middleton (among others). The event – including your laughter, gasps & thundering applause – will be recorded live and replayed sometime later on the air (88.1FM).

Saturday, Nov. 13, 6pm: The inimitable Matthew Derby & the equally irreproducible Andrew Zornoza dispatch previously unknown worlds from their mouths (that is, they read out loud from their own stories).  Complimentary snacks and drinks will also make an appearance.

Sunday, Nov 14, 4pm to 6pm: Brian Chippendale and C. F. kick off their Non-Musical & Mostly Verbal & Visual Tour of Tours. Their newly minted books — If ‘n Oof & Powr Mastrs 3, respectively — will be on hand and there will plenty of signing, doodling and power pointing for your pleasure.

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