Brown And Library Workers Resolve Dispute

the rockFrom the Brown Daily Herald:

Under the new contract, workers will pay 7 percent of their health insurance premium costs beginning in July 2011, an increase from the current 6 percent. That figure will rise to 9 percent in July 2013 and to 12 percent when the contract runs out on Sept. 30, 2014.

Accompanying those premium share increases are wage increases. Library union workers will see an increase of 2 percent in their base wage for each of the next four years, effective Oct. 1 of this year. Workers are also set to receive a 1.5 percent increase July 1, 2013. The four-year agreement, which ends on Sept 30, 2014, calls for a 1 percent increase on that date.

“The concerns expressed were mostly regarding the preservation of work issue, as well as some about the four year contract and possible inflation in the outlying years, since it is essentially a two percent wage increase per year, when you deduct for the health insurance premium increases,” McAninch wrote in an e-mail to The Herald Tuesday afternoon.

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