‘Blood From A Turnip’ Puppet Salon

marshmallowloresIt’s that time of the every other month again. ‘Blood From a Turnip’ — which has been bringing short form puppetry to adult audiences for over a dozen years at Perishable Theatre — is doing it again this Friday at 10pm.  The other thing they’ve been doing from the beginning is charging only five bucks to check it out.

This month, Evan O’Television (co-host with Vanessa Gilbert) will be bringing a new chapter in his very special video puppetry saga.

Other performers include:

Lisa Abbatomarco, a veteran puppeteer who has traversed a good portion of the country under guise of mask and paper mache. Her new piece, Earmarc’d asks “Who’s which way is the what and where we are wandering when we watch?”. Wow.

Joe Waechter, who most often writes plays intended to be performed by actors (special puppets with a pulse and a free will). For The Hoot Owl (An Opera for Headphones), a funny and moving piece about role-playing, gender and deer hunting, Waechter has retained the vibrancy of puppets with pulses, but has eliminated that unwieldy free will.

Carl and Joan, known by many other names in many other towns, present this year’s best zombie puppet show, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, It’ll Come Back From the Dead and Eat Your Brain. IYGaMaCICBFtDaEYB explores questions of puppet existence as it navigates the nether region just beyond puppet life and death (and unlife and undeath). Laugh and cry as puppets live and die.

Chaos Creatures, from the valleys and hills and farms and mills of Cumberland, are still new to performing (puppet) face to face with an audience, although they have been flinging themselves across the internet for over a year now. This cyber-stardom is transforming these small town puppets. Watch them de-unself as they confront their more potent digitally mediated realities

‘Blood from a Turnip’ — RI’s only late night puppet salon. No reservations taken, for more information go to Perishable Theatre.

$5, 10pm, Friday, November 19, Perishable Theatre, 95 Empire Street

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