Good News/Bad News

jeri ryan First the bad news. Certain downtown streets (Empire, Washington etc.) are being used today (Tuesday) for filming of the new ABC series ‘Body of Proof’. According to today’s ProJo the streets will remain open but some parking spaces will be lost to trucks and equipment.

But before you start shaking your tiny balled-up fists in mute rage, look over there — oh my god is that Jeri Ryan?!!!!! There is nothing like a celebrity sighting to bring joy into our drab little lives. Ms. Ryan has been cast as Dr. Kate Murphy. (Come on, that name must have been used already. There should be an app for generating ‘generic female tv names that aren’t Kate Murphy’.) The extraordinary Ms. Ryan plays the chief medical examiner, natch.

[The Providence Daily Dose has no information as to which, if any, cast members are actually in town. It may be just trucks.]

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  1. This show has a really strong cast of character actors. It’s pretty cool that they’re here. I’m psyched to see how this one turns out.

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