Enhanced Screening Explained

“Scientists estimate that the risk of getting cancer from the xrays is very low — about the risk of dying in a terrorist attack.”


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  1. Annie Messier

    Cute, but there are reason to be angry over the laughter, what with the colostomy bag and prosthetic breast and young child stripped of his shirt and other recent stories. My tale: on the morning of Wednesday, November 10th I was flying out of TF Green and waited in a long security line (there was a separate, marked, empty line for flight crews). After having their boarding passes and IDs reviewed and after placing their belongings and shoes in plastic tubs, passengers were being directed by a male agent either to the left (walk-through metal detector) or right (full-body scanner). The husband of a couple a few people head of me was blind and needed extra time to balance himself with his cane while taking off his shoes; he and his wife had another woman behind them, then me, waiting to access the plastic bins to put in our stuff. A Latino woman somewhere behind us all suddenly marched up to grab a bin, nearly knocking over the man and his wife while she dumped her stuff into it. I’m guessing she was late for a flight, or had missed the many visible signs, because she never took off her shoes and was never asked to by TSA staff (although all the rest of us had taken/were taking them off). She was directed to the left, marched through the metal detector, and was allowed to collect her things and be on her way without a passing glance, let alone a pat-down. The blind couple were also directed toward the metal detector, sans pat-down, while the woman in front of me and I were both directed to the right for the full-body scanner. I will (unenthusiastically) have my naked body ogled by random TSA agents if it helps make all Americans safer, but I’d sure feel better about it if people like the woman who cut in line weren’t encouraged to continue on their merry ways with both shoes and dignity intact. Why the discrepancies in security?

  2. Brilliant. But, how do we, as citizens, tell the TSA that we don’t feel like being treated like criminals when we travel just to satisfy their 9 year, ineffective, knee-jerk reaction?

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