C Is For Craftland

Craftland If you must go shopping this weekend, patronize the interesting independent stores downtown. It’s all well and good to rail against the rampant consumerism of modern America, but the local economy sure could use a goose. Spend your money in Rhode Island and have it stay here. Buy one-of-a-kind tchotchkes, handmade stuffed dolls, artwork for the wall, t-shirts, notepaper, jewelry, ornaments. And check out the shoes and boots just down the street at Modern Love, right next door to Queen of Hearts. Two hours of free parking behind Tazza for shoppers with stamped validation from participating merchants.  (Go here for more info and map.)

Also consider heading over to the Wayland Square shopping/eating district which got a nice write-up in the Providence Journal. OR you could spend the night sitting on the pavement next to a parking lot on Route 6 with really interesting people talking about coupons. . . your call.

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