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special happy(Note by PDD management.  We’ve seen this play, and it’s way more fun than the headline and synopsis make it sound.  Go.)

(P.S. Wilbury Group, please keep posting stuff, but make it a little less Wilbury-y.)

Play Synopsis — Special Happy, a new performance piece created by Providence-based theater artist Rebecca Noon with collaborators Jed Brainerd and Chris Rosenquest, premiered at the 2010 Women’s Playwriting Festival at Perishable Theatre as a part of the late night cabaret. Originally conceived as a birthday party for the audience, this version, presented by the Wilbury Group and re-imagined for the holidays, will be a celebration for everyone who has the misfortune of being born on or near Christmas.

The three-person ensemble portrays the party hosts, an elderly Jewish woman and two young men in tuxedos, as well as the entertainment acts throughout the night. Like any good holiday party, Special Happy comes complete with cake, pizza, presents, entertainment, and the all-important holiday/birthday songs. The treatment strays far from the saccharine and instead is one of utter absurdity and mature surreality, leaving adult audiences giddy for more.

Special Happy by Rebecca Noon runs from December 9-18 at Conley’s Wharf, 200 Allens Ave Providence, RI. Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sunday 12/12 at 7:30pm (Pay-What-You-Can). Tickets are $15/general, $10/student/seniors and are available at the door. For reservations/more info see www.TheWilburyGroup.com or e-mail Info@TheWilburyGroup.com.

(photo by Shea’la Finch)

About Special Happy

Special Happy was developed for Perishable Theatre’s 15th International Women’s Playwriting Festival within the Resident Artist at Perishable Theatre (RAPT) Program, which offers hybrid performance artists between 1-3 years to create new performance works. www.perishable.org

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