VOTE for Y4C Transportation 4 Education Grant

Currently transportation is not provided for 6,000 Providence high school students. Many must buy a $60 bus pass every month just to get to school. We at Y4C find this unreasonable. With this Pepsi Refresh grant we will partner with Next Generation Media to create a citywide public awareness campaign. Think we can get 6,000 people to vote every day? Help make this a reality. Vote every day, share this event, and post on your wall- VOTE so we can make change!

How To Vote Online:

1. Go to & register with Pepsi (takes only 60 secs)

2. Search Y4C (you have to do this for your vote to go through)

3. Click on VOTE FOR THIS IDEA next to Y4C’s Inspire Youth Rights In Action: Transportation 4 Education.

4.  Vote every day!  You can vote more than once using different email addresses.

How To Vote Via Text: Text 104586 to Pepsi (73774) or go to Go to

Remember to tell your friends, family, colleagues, everyone!


In 2009, over 100 youth leaders gathered from across Providence to discuss how youth can work together to create community change. On that day Y4C unveiled Providence’s first Youth Bill of Rights (YBoR). The document covers eight issues, one being the Right to Transportation.

Currently transportation is not provided for students who live within a 3 miles radius of their school.  Many students must buy a $60 bus pass every month just to get to school.  We find this unreasonable. With this Pepsi Refresh grant we will partner with Next Generation Media, a group of dynamic youth who utilize modern technology to teach and share social justice and equality related issues with the community.  The team will create TV commercials, radio ads and billboards about our campaign to change the current financial burdens students suffer. These ads will be displayed in local media outlets.

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