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sloppy joes bar/chicago Look how happy these people are. They are celebrating the ratification of the 21st amendment ending Prohibition. On December 5, 1933 the Noble Experiment was deemed a complete failure when it turned out that normally law-abiding citizens would gladly engage in criminal behavior just to get a dry martini. Lessons learned? Zero. Perhaps we just have to wait for a certain obdurate, high-voting demographic to get out of the way (see picture. . . .okay okay, I guess all these people are dead now, but their younger siblings might still be voting). Maybe when they leave for that great watering hole in the sky we can bring some sanity to the also failed ‘War on Drugs’. For more information read Jeffrey A. Miron’s book, Drug War Crimes: the Consequences of Prohibition, go here for synopsis, or check out the testimonials at LEAP — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. (The writer is the Rhode Island LEAP representative.) The Wall Street Journal agrees. Many links at

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  1. If you remember, this exchange began with my commenting on an article about legalizing drugs. So you see, I do comment on The Dose about things other than homosexuality. You are the one who brought up the subject.
    Your attempts to make me question my sexuality, my beliefs, my marriage and any other part of my life are futile. All you are doing is trying to deflect any real issues in favor of a personal attack on me. Simply put, you are killing the messenger.
    Lastly, this issue does not have “nothing to do” with me. Most of us would have been content to let gays live their lives as they chose to. Then so-called gay marriage came along. You may have the right to live as you choose, but you do not have the right to redefine what marriage is to the rest of us. So-called same-sex marriage is nothing more than an endorsement of the gay lifestyle which, for the majority of humans, will always be disordered, perverted and unnatural.
    Perhaps you would check out NARTH on the web. They may enighten you.

  2. The Other Joe Berstein

    oh rob, the Jesus closet just cannot contain you. You are back again, defending your not-gayness.

    ‘I am not obsessed with homosexuality, I simply have some strong views on the subject, especially when some are trying to redefine what true marriage is.’

    hahahaha. we finally agree, you have ‘strong views’ on homosexuality. what we disagree on is why. quite frankly, you are as gay as your obsession with all things gay, which is to say, you are really really gay. if there is a posting here on gay issues, there’s rob. you have no other presence here, no other views, no other aspect to your personality. you keep telling yourself they are ‘strong views’. You know deep inside that they are uncontrollable urges that are eating you up.

    >in biology, human anatomy and yes, my religious beliefs and upbringing. >(Why these views are discounted by your crowd simply because they are >religious in nature I will never understand.)

    that is your problem in a nutshell and why you are missing the point entirely. flip the mirror – just because they are religious in nature does not make them factual. you use these assumptions to keep voicing your ‘strong views’ on homosexuality whenever you can. again, obsessed.

    as for ‘our crowd’ discounting your opinions, you contribute nothing to our crowd except your hateful views and ignorance. again, to a cause which supposedly has “nothing to do with you”.

    if you were comfortably straight and happy within yourself, what others do would with their lives be the least of your concerns. You have strong views on this for a reason you are not yet willing to admit.

    if your own straight marriage was fulfilling to you, you would not be obsessed with gay marriage and that is truly why you resent gays – the fact that they might experience a happiness that you cannot let yourself accept.

    face facts, you are rob ‘the poster on the dose who is only obsessed with gay things who insists that he is vehemently not all things gay’.

    pray, get therapy. learn to accept yourself the way you are. the rest of the world will be patiently waiting.

  3. Number one, “homophobe” isn’t even a real word. It is a word made up by the gay community to make some of us seem bigoted (which we are not).
    Number two, I am not gay, have never had those type of urges and I resent you implying otherwise. I am not obsessed with homosexuality, I simply have some strong views on the subject, especially when some are trying to redefine what true marriage is.
    Number three, calling same-sex attraction perverse and disordered is not simply my opinion. It is rooted in biology, human anatomy and yes, my religious beliefs and upbringing. (Why these views are discounted by your crowd simply because they are religious in nature I will never understand.)
    Lastly, my soul is not filled with hate. I do not hate gay people. They are all human beings made in the image of God. It’s sin, dishonesty, sexual perversion and ignorance that I hate.
    Thanks for your time and may God bless you.

  4. The Other Joe Berstein


    You are a homophobe (for example, calling it perverse is your opinion = homophobe) and while on the outside you project an obliviousness to it, all the readers on the Dose know that your pathetic, ignorant views are the only thing disguising your obvious obsession with homosexuality. This is only lost on you and you alone. You can keep trying to pray the urge away but it really is useless. Remember Rob, Jesus loves your hate filled little soul for who you really are. Hopefully you get to know him the way we already do.

  5. I am not a homophobe and I hope the guilty priests who rape children do recieve their fair punishment. I would hardly classify potheads as harmless. Being stoned or high is as dangerous as driving drunk. Please do not blaspheme the Lord.
    By the way, thanks for making the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. They are both highly disordered and perverse. Consent has nothing to do with it.

  6. The Other Joe Berstein

    Naturally, Rob is such a homophobe he would prefer his prisons are filled with harmless potheads rather than priests who raped children and the bishops who covered up decades worth of these crimes. Jesus loves you Rob, keep doing his work.

  7. Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. Legalizing drugs to cut down on the crime rate is idiotic.

  8. Don’t forget the War on Porn… There are a few nasty folks out there who think that just because -sometimes- illegal and unethical things happen out there in the porn world, all of it should be banned.

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