Bernie’s Back!

Bernie’s making progressives proud this week, calling the Repubs and Obama out on the insane deal they’re trying to ram down the throats of progressives in Congress and the American people at large. The importance of this moment can’t be overstated — it’s a chance for progressives to final take a strong stand and demonstrate their (righteous) power, as a voice for middle class — and poorer — Americans.


Bernie took a strong stand against the bailout, and pushed back against Bernanke’s renomination to the Federal Reserve for a bit, before backing off.  But it’s this week that he’s really coming into his own as a Senator.

1 thought on “Bernie’s Back!”

  1. Thank you Sen. Sanders. I am so angry about this it’s making me ill. Has Obama lost his mind? This is no compromise. Why doesn’t he fight? Why doesn’t he get on television and rally the nation? Tax cuts don’t create jobs, that’s pretty evident by now. Apparently James Carvill said the other night that Hillary should give Obama a testicle, and then they’d both have two.

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