Pun-Free Dog Show Headline

fruit crate label The Bay Colony Dog Show is in town. More than 160 breeds and seven groups of breeds plus a ‘miscellaneous’ group. How do you judge that? Fun fact from ProJo,

One of the world’s oldest and rarest breeds, the Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo, will be represented by a single entry, appearing both Saturday and Sunday. Archaeologists believe that the Xolo accompanied the first human migrations across the Bering Sea.

“Meet the Breeds” from noon to 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of vendors for holiday shopping. Do not bring your own dog. Do not touch dogs without permission.

(Pictured here: fruit crate label from J & W Culinary Arts Museum)

8am to 5pm, $12 adults, $7 children, RI Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street, through Sunday

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