Update — Pedestrian Bridge Winner Declared

Update: Design #10 has won. It seemed to be something of a consensus choice (notwithstanding the legitimate concern expressed in the comments below).

The contest is on for the design for the new pedestrian bridge, to be built on the pilings on which the old 195 rests.  It’s one of the the jewels of the highway relocation, along with the new 195 bridge, and what we hope to be able to make happen at Shooters.  The 11 proposals are posted in the city’s flickr pool(!) and at City Hall for review.

Below are some of the more striking — or gussied-up — renderings of the designs that have been presented. I’m drawn to #10, for its sweeping entrances on both sides of the water, the space for cafes and vendors, and ancillary uses, and its general dynamism.  It’ll give people a real reason to use the bridge, and make it easy for them to do so.

Downsides: there’s not much happening in the vertical plain, and it seems like it’ll require more maintenance (planters, graffiti removal) than some of the others.

(And definitely dock some points for its authors’ snotty insistence that we not call the project a pedestrian bridge, but an urban intervention — bold and italics in the original, repeatedly.)

3 thoughts on “Update — Pedestrian Bridge Winner Declared”

  1. Urban Intervention?!!! Head across that PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE around midnight and I think you’ll get an ‘urban intervention’ you’ll never forget.

  2. Providence Urbanist

    Dear David,
    The scheme that you promote has an accessibility problem.
    With scheme 10, individuals in a wheelchair or who are wheeling a stroller, can only access the cafe from the east shore of the river.
    In other words, if you are on the west side you must:
    1st: cross the entire river
    2nd: head north on a path on shore
    3rd: turn to head back west and
    4th: go midway back across the river again to reach the cafe.
    To return to the west shore, from the cafe, you must repeat the above steps again, this time in reverse.

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