The Headmaster Ritual

Oh, hi, Daily Dose readers.  It’s me, Matthew.  Remember me?  I used to post here a lot, but in the words of our dear friends Staind it’s been awhile.*

Anyway, in my months and months of not writing anything here, I’ve been busy working on a new print magazine.  It’s pretty arty and pretty gay.  And just plain pretty, if you don’t mind my saying so.  It’s called Headmaster.  My co-editors and I send out creative homework assignments to artists and writers that we like, and then we make a magazine out of the results.  Probably you don’t want your children to see it.

But!  I mention this here, and now, because we’re throwing a big launch party tomorrow.  It’s taking place at Heir, the antiques store (and suddenly stylish menswear emporium) on Westminster Street.  It starts at 6!  It “ends at 9!”  It will be fun!  We even invented a cocktail for the occasion and everything.

*Oh, okay.  They’re not actually your friends.  Or mine.

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