Projo Tries To Make It Up To The Eacueos

The Projo thought it had the real news so well-covered that it made sense to run this ridiculous story on Quinci Eacueo’s opulent sweet sixteen a couple of weeks ago.  It stirred up a violent (and predictable) backlash.

Legitimate response: questioning the priorities of her parents, and the example it sets for her and her peers.  Illegitimate response: posting so many vicious comments about the girl herself that it forced the Projo to post this at the end of the article:

Editor’s Note: Comments have been closed on this story because an overwhelming number of readers were making inappropriate statements that violate our comments policy.

This weekend the Projo and Quinci’s parents (and PR consultants?) teamed up for this tacit admission that the ill-timed piece and ill-considered party had set her up for the drubbing.

When Quinci Eacueo, of Johnston, had her Sweet 16 party this month, she didn’t want presents — just her friends’ presence. So when some party attendees gave her money, she decided to help the children at the Blackstone Valley Children’s Shelter in Pawtucket. The shelter is home to children ranging in age from a few weeks to 12 years old in the care of the state Department of Children, Youth and Families. Quinci’s mother, Toni-Ann, said Quinci spent $500 on clothing and toys and delivered the wrapped gifts to the shelter Friday afternoon.

Needless to say, it’s the right thing to do — and hopefully the closing act to another only-in-RI mini melodrama.

2 thoughts on “Projo Tries To Make It Up To The Eacueos”

  1. So funny. I was just explaining the benefits of community moderation to a tech from the Projo at Geeks last week. Reckon he’s reconsidering his opinion.

  2. Both links go to the same article. I think the second one needs to be changed.

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