Termites With Antlers — And Why Not

nibbles woodaway And who better than Nibbles Woodaway to remind us that among the many bummers visited upon Americans in the past year was the return of the bedbug. And of course, wherever there’s science there are right-wing stupidheads getting it all wrong (and still doing battle with Rachel Carson of all people). From Newsweek (speaking of bummers),

But long before the United States banned most uses of it in 1972, DDT had lost its effectiveness against bedbugs—which, like many fast-breeding insects, are extremely adept at evolving resistance to pesticides. “Bloggers talk about bringing back DDT,” says Bob Rosenberg, director of government affairs for the National Pest Management Association, “but we had stopped using it even before 1972.”

Hey, if the Founding Fathers had bedbugs that should end the discussion. And one wonders whether DDT in the environment didn’t have something to do with the evolution of these blue, antlered termites. Nibbles seems particularly spiffy this year. More lights? Gotta be the only termite with his own website. Thank you New England Pest Control.

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