So Much For Sanity

AZ Words have power, and so do images. It seems something must be said about the events in Arizona. True, an open society can never be completely safe, but we count on politicians and influential public figures to think before they speak and act. And while the word ‘target’ has long been used metaphorically, and is commonly used in political discourse, the now infamous target map created by crossed the line. Its dangerous subliminal message caused immediate concern among grown-ups with functioning frontal lobes. It will be interesting to see how quickly Palin regains her footing and starts appearing in public again, grinning like a fool and babbling about her freedoms. Her behavior from now on will speak volumes, but how the image of that nine-year-old girl will not haunt her every waking moment for eternity I do not know. (More at NYT. Full map image after jump.)

sarahpac map

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