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electricity pylon Okay that’s a lie. Other than this vaguely phallic pylon, there is really nothing terribly sexy in a post about net metering and decentralized renewable energy production, but they are very important. See, this is why Rhode Island will miss having David Segal in the general assembly — he could actually concentrate on stuff like this, legislate the hell out of it, and make life better for all of us. He and Karina Lutz, deputy director of People’s Power and Light, had an opinion piece in The Providence Journal on Tuesday about net metering and how it can most benefit the state.

Net metering lets owners’ energy from wind turbines and solar panels be credited for the electricity they generate but don’t consume: Wind turbines keep spinning even when school’s out for the summer, and solar panels convert sunlight into electricity even when the person whose roof they’re on is out of town.

That overage gets pumped into the electrical grid that connects most Rhode Island homes and businesses, and proprietors of renewable installations can earn nearly the amount they would have paid to use an equivalent amount of electricity.

So if you see Dave at our little blogapalooza tonight, remember to thank him for his years of hard work in the general assembly. Even if you didn’t live in his district, you may well benefit from legislative efforts just like this one. (He is also very modest and will hate that I am writing this.)

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