portlandia Where young people go to retire. And if you don’t get why that’s perfect, this new Fred Armisen show may not be for you. (Honestly, think of the people you know who have moved to Portland). This six-episode sketch series airs Friday nights on IFC (first episode up now at the Portlandia website). SNL regular Armisen created the show with Carrie Brownstein, rocking singer/guitarist of the now defunct Portland band Sleater-Kinney. Dave Itzkoff writes in The New York Times,

. . .together Mr. Armisen and Ms. Brownstein, two guileless if unlikely collaborators, hope they possess enough street cred to serve as ambassadors of Portland’s counterculture and to present their version of it, in “Portlandia,” to an audience beyond the Pacific Northwest.

These gals here may be the feminist bookstore owners. The show looks quite promising. Not clear how the people of Portland are taking it, although I suspect many residents take great pride in not watching any television at all.

10:30pm, IFC, Fridays, starts January 21

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