Card Carrying Member Rhode Island AFL-CIO

tom brady Don’t they all pretty much look like this? According to the ProJo Pats Blog,

The New England Patriots are now members of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO, according to George Nee, the state president of the national labor organization. Nee said the players have always been affiliated with the national AFL-CIO.

But “just recently the National Football Players Association decided that it would be advantageous to affiliate with the state and local federations. We just got notified two weeks ago. So the 53 members of the NE Patriots are now dues paying members of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO.”

Chimed Sen. Joshua Miller, D-Cranston: “So if you hate labor, you hate the New England Patriots. Be careful who you hate.”

Of course. . . everyone does kinda hate the Patriots right now.

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