Ojo They Didn’t…

One of those flubs that only the Projo’s editors could pull off:  They’ve posted this photo of their own reporter, Phil Marcello, as the graphic for a story about State Representative Mike Marcello, which is written by Kathy Gregg, who’s Phil’s boss.

3 thoughts on “Ojo They Didn’t…”

  1. Annie Messier

    I try not to nitpick at the ProJo’s errors, especially when they’re trying to post breaking news on their blog, but this morning’s (Friday’s) mistake was weird: the ProJo identified Owen Wilson as Luke Wilson in the movie section. First in a caption identifying a photo of Owen as Luke, then in the text by stating that Luke, rather than Owen, will star in “Hall Pass.” I didn’t think it was possible to mix up those two.

  2. Quick, someone fire the webmaster. Oh, that’s right. He’s in Mumbai. Oh well.

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