Gay Marriage Proved And Disproved

Former state rep and math prof Rod Driver writes this:

Year after year opponents warn legislators that permitting same-sex couples to marry would undermine the institution of marriage and hurt society. I’ve tried, without success, to understand their reasoning, and thought I’d heard everything.

But recently at the Rhode Island State House a new wrinkle was raised. If same-sex marriages were officially recognized in Rhode Island, Providence College might be required to let married males or married females share a dorm room. (Apparently if they weren’t married there wouldn’t be a problem.)

Rod Driver Richmond

Zipadee responds:


5:31 PM on February 16, 2011

Rod, I like your stand on the plight of the Palestinian people. But use your math brain to see the false logic of the axiom of the gay marriage circus : MARRIAGE is a self-evident civil right- for ANYBODY who wants to get married, ANY couple ? But just as we can explore different axioms in higher mathematics, we get to vote on the axioms that are the foundation of a democratic society. Any RIGHT is a social construct within a socio-economic context. Here Catholic Bishop Tobin is backed by the rock solid logic of Aristotle: A=A , marriage is what it is . And the Holy Ghost has inspired him !

4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Proved And Disproved”

  1. Man was made with two feet. It is unnatural for me to travel via airplane thousands of feet in the air to get to Europe. Does that make it wrong?

    We use our bodies in a lot of ways that your “god” did not intend. Hetero sex for pleasure is no different than homosexual sex for pleasure.

    Rob, is everything you do day-to-day natural – as the maker intended? Are you foraging for food and roasting it over a spit? Get real.

  2. True marriage is, has been and always will be the union of one man and one woman. The human body is anatomically oriented to the opposite sex. If the body is made for one thing and the mind attracts the person to the exact opposite, there is confusion and conflict. This conflict can rightly be considered disordered and unnatural. This is what we need to talk about, not marriage.

  3. Is PC, a private institution, required to house hetero married couples? If they don’t want to offer the privilege to all of “god’s creations,” they can remove the housing for all.

    The opposition is truly grasping for straws with this argument.

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