“As You Like It” At Brown

sock & buskin Sock & Buskin, Brown University’s student theater group, is taking a fresh approach to the Shakespeare pastoral “As You Like It” which starts tonight, Thursday at 8pm. According to their press release, the director Nicholas Ridout a visiting professor from Queen Mary University, London, has updated the production with “modern dress (cough hipsters cough), modern music, video, and a panda bear or two, for some reason.”

The charming cast was forced out into the winter snow for an appropriately sylvan photo shoot. This apparently made them quite cranky at the time, and yet they look so happy. Acting!

$7 students, $17 adult, play runs March 3 through 6 and March 10 through 13 (including Sunday matinees), Stuart Theatre, 77 Waterman Street, ticket info go here

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