5 thoughts on “DownCity Nightmares”

  1. the food was always mediocre to really bad there.
    most people I know only go there for the bar lately as the food was so undependable.
    the menu had such potential (esp with Veg options) but the kitchen just couldn’t cut it.
    perhaps the revamped restaurant can get its act together..

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes of the show. I liked how the staff were honest in describing Downcity food as subpar and knew that change was needed. Abby provided tremendous entertainment with her craziness.

    10/10 for entertainment value. I might even give the place a try.

  3. Well the one thing that bothered me about this show was how foul mouthed Abby was, it wasn’t a nice intro for RI women to the rest of the world, it was embarrassing. And as for Ramsey food, I’ve eaten at 2 of his places, NY and London, it’s ok but not tremendous. But I hope it helped DownCity and they do well.

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