Pub Quiz

green t-shirt back Tonight, Sunday, is the world famous Pub Quiz at the Wild Colonial Tavern. The quiz-masters will ask questions on topics such as current events, famous Irish musicians, arcade games, famous Irish athletes, etymology, famous Irish astrophysicists, botany, great writers of the 20th century (see: Irish). You never know what they’ll come up with and you can never really prepare. There is always a visual hand-out and the final music category consists of 12 audio snippets. Teams are up to four people, and it’s explained as you go along. It is our understanding that the back of this Wild Colonial T-shirt says “Be nice or leave” in Gaelic and is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. (Price available upon request. They are kept behind the bar.)

8pm, Sunday, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, 621.5644

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