You’re On, Bristol-Newport

In honor of yesterday’s holiday, released a Top 40 list of marijuana-smoking U.S. cities. First, accolades are due to our neighbor in the east: Boston came in with the silver medal. Sounds like the Massachusetts Supreme Court decided last week that smelling weed is no grounds for ordering you out of your car. Undisturbed hot-boxing for all!

The biggest upset of the top 20, though, is the metropolis of Bristol-Newport coming in at 11th place, narrowly beating out Providence (12th place). Both bearing the handicap of a 1/10 for “pot culture,” what a feat! The only other cities in the top 20 to score so low in culture were Albany, NY and Laramie, WY. Imagine how we’d perform if we put some effort into it.

20 percent was based on local pot culture, with assistance from publisher Steve Bloom, co-author of Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life and former editor of High Times, with a score of 1 being the least pot-friendly and 10 the most pot-friendly.

New York is the only state to fill up two seats before us. Not bad, Rhody, not bad at all.

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