‘P’ As In Poorhouse

Poor Providence Almost immediately upon taking office Mayor Taveras announced that the city’s financial situation was much worse than he had imagined, leading to the inevitable question — how could we not know about this? We now know that former Mayor David Cicilline was hiding the extent of the financial crisis and accessing the reserve fund without proper notification of the city council, or the people of Providence for that matter. (Cicilline denies any wrong-doing.) Bob Kerr laid out the depressing familiarity of our disappointment perfectly in his piece in Friday’s ProJo — “Sure you won, but can it possible mean anything?” — and does not let the City Council off the hook either.

Further, we here at the Dose feel particularly aggrieved concerning this deception, also mentioned by Kerr,

Of course, the bad news broke after the November election, after that woman in the TV ad called you a “sweetheart” and you were on your way to Washington to replace Patrick Kennedy.

All those ugly numbers were held in check like a trash-filled stream splashing hard against the dam. Even a little trickle might have done in your campaign.

The Providence Daily Dose had a dog in that fight. Founding member and frequent contributor, David Segal (now with Demand Progress) ran an honest and open campaign for the Democratic nomination in that congressional battle. He and all the other candidates in that race were deceived and cheated, as were the voters of Rhode Island’s First Congressional District.

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  1. You should urge David Segal to run again in 2012. I, and many others, would have much preferred him to Cicilline. I voted against Cicilline in the election as well as the primary.

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