U.S. Attorney Threatens To Prosecute R. I. Dispensaries

spine And this is why we just need to legalize it. In the mean time, we can’t allow the hard work done by so many advocates and legislators go down the drain, just when access to much-needed relief was on the way for patients who are sick and in pain. According to the ProJo, U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha has sent warnings to the three would-be proprietors of the medical marijuana dispensaries recently licensed by the state health department that he is concerned with the “scale and scope of the approved grows”. This after the Obama administration had suggested that his Justice Department would not be bothering with such actions.

Among the many parties caught off guard by the threat was JoAnne Lepannen executive director of Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition (RIPAC),

“It’s one of our worst nightmares,” she said. “It’s a complete misunderstanding of what medical marijuana centers are.”

She said she feels betrayed by the Obama administration, which announced in October 2009 that federal authorities would not interfere with state decisions to permit the distribution and use of medical marijuana.

Just how serious are these warnings? Megan Hall over at WRNI reports that two dispensaries in Spokane, Washington were raided last Thursday following similar letters.

Attention President Obama. How on earth did this rise to the top of your to-do list? Have we now closed the books on the Wall Street gangsters who brought the entire country to its knees? Is this what the Justice Department is doing to look busy? And a little side note regarding 2012 — as campaign strategies go, locking up potential, likely supporters has got to be the most perverse of all time. Come on Barry, call off your dogs.

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