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state rep. chris blazejewski And he’s smart and awesome, but we already knew that. Interesting profiles in Monday’s ProJo on the new crop of freshman legislators. District 2 State Rep. Chris Blazejewski, who ran for the seat vacated by then congressional candidate Dave Segal, was already familiar to Dose readers as one of the hosts of the Drinking Liberally confabs held at the Wild Colonial, and this piece thinks the “East Side Democrat may well be the House freshman who most bears watching.” He is the lead sponsor of 11 bills so far, and co-sponsor of dozens more. An outspoken supporter of same-sex-marriage, he was disappointed when House Speaker Gordon Fox withdrew his support in favor of a civil union bill.

“The fight for same-sex marriage has been going on for many years in Rhode Island, and it will continue,” Blazejewski said. “Since we’re on the right side of history, it’s only a matter of time before we have same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.”

An attorney and community activist, his skills will be put to good use on the House Judiciary Committee and the Environment and Natural Resources Committee. And his last name will be worth 36 points in Scrabble as soon as he becomes a noun or a verb. Go here to read about other first-term legislators, Reps. Daniel P. Reilly and Doreen Costa, and Senator Nicholas D. Kettle.

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