He Needs A Benefactor With A More Reliable Dictionary

Brendan Doherty’s campaign tag line appears to be, boldly:

“Equivocation and appeasement are not in my dictionary”

Now, those are actually words.  But it makes sense that Doherty can’t find them.

Doherty was introduced by Alan G. Hassenfeld, former chief of Pawtucket-based toy giant Hasbro, who himself had been rumored to be considering a political run. Hassenfeld, who now runs his family’s foundation and is active in several causes, will be instrumental in fund-raising and building support for Doherty in the business community.

He needs a benefactor with a more reliable dictionary — Alan Hassenfeld infuriated Scrabblers and free speechers across the globe by striking shit, fuck, piss, etc, from Hasbro’s Scrabble Dictionary six or seven years ago.  And those words are more than seven letters long, so who knows if they were even in there to begin with…

2 thoughts on “He Needs A Benefactor With A More Reliable Dictionary”

  1. I must go on record that THANG and GRRL are not good Scrabble words in North America.

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