Meet The Author — New John-John Memoir

come to the edge Brown alum Christina Haag will read and discuss her new memoir Come to the Edge, about her life at Brown and her subsequent romance with classmate John F. Kennedy Jr. (Ms. Haag and John had been housemates at Brown University, along with the University of Rhode Island student they called “Kissy,” now better known as Christiane Amanpour). Kissy?! According to Janet Maslin’s review in the New York Times Haag’s prose style is somewhat overwrought, with hearts beating, lips bruising, and forsythia raging. We also learn that John Jr. introduced the subject of tantric sex to the relationship which may or may not explain the following,

“In our passion, his toothbrush had become entangled in my hair.”

6pm, Friday, May 20, Free and open to the public, Book Reading, Brown Bookstore, 244 Thayer Street, 863.3168

2 thoughts on “Meet The Author — New John-John Memoir”

  1. I’ve followed JFJ Jr growing up…he did indeed have a long relationship with Ms Haag. All of the haters & the jealous should try understand whether or not she profits from this is irrelevant. This is how history is passed on thru acquantainces , family members, lovers etc… otherwise how would we come to understand know this man and his life. I appreciate having a book to read from such a reputable source… she was with him thruout most of his formidible years in New York growing up. I appreciated the book…great read for those interested in him… tragic ending for such a promising individual..

    Thank You Ms Haag

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