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chernobylsquare-16 A profile in the Sunday New York Times of photographer Tod Seelie “A Chronicler of the Art-Vandal Underground” features his efforts trying to capture a Lightning Bolt show in Brooklyn.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Seelie was standing where he often stands — at the lip of a stage in Williamsburg — for a tinnitus-inducing concert by the Rhode Island band Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt, some years ago, achieved a kind of fame by playing on the floors, not the stages, of their venues, a practice they had to give up after being mobbed so thoroughly by an audience that they couldn’t hoist their instruments. The Williamsburg concert began with the band’s bassist asking the crowd not to swarm the stage once the music started. The request was disregarded by the second bar of the first song.

After gathering momentum in a mosh pit, a wave of human bodies crashed into, then onto, the stage, tumbling everywhere as entangled limbs and torsos spilled at the feet of the musicians. Mr. Seelie, crouching with his camera, was caught beneath the crest.

This may explain why I can not find a single picture from this show of Lightning Bolt at his website, Sucka Pants, but I did find gas masks. Let’s hope his camera survived. Mr. Seelie was once kind enough to let us use a photo of Monotonix for this lowly blog.

(Photo by Tod Seelie)

3 thoughts on “Brian Chippendale Was Here”

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  2. I really like his approach to life and work. I think it will serve him well. It sure looks like fun.

  3. Tod Seelie took some great shots of the Boston band Tunnel of Love. He was happy to allow his pictures to be shared on their FB page and was a really nice guy to deal with.

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