Learn to bicycle to work!

Afraid of traffic?  Shy around potholes?  Worried about being socially acceptable?

Put all of those fears behind you and learn how to enjoy all the productivity, health and tax benefits of riding your bicycle to work ~ and having a socially successful day while you are there!

This four, 2 1/2 hour session course combines on-bike and interactive presentations.  We will cover everything you need to know including confidence to share the road successfully with motorists, manage complex traffic scenarios and handle flat tires and minor breakdowns.

Each class is a minimum 1 1/2 hours on-bike and an hour of presentation/hands-on demonstration.

This course gets you League of American Bicyclist Traffic Skills 101 Certification and you will be fully prepared to begin bicycle commuting to work.

Includes work-book and individualized coaching towards your goals.

Four, weekly, 2 1/2 hour sessions. Thursday nights at 6:00 at Legend Bicycles, 181 Brook Street. Beginning on June 23.

The sessions are compartmentalized: “commutative” as they say in math class. So, if you have to miss a session – any session – you can make make it up on July 21 @ the make-up session.

Cost $200.

Registration and more information at http://usopencycling.org/education/

More information about bicycling to work at the link below


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