Tape Art Project With Roger Williams Theme

1700 Squirrels

The folks over at Greater Kennedy Plaza continue to think outside the box with innovative programming. They kick off the summer season with a month-long tape art installation on the rink downtown.

Tape Art, by artist Michael Townsend and friends, will create a unique large-scale temporary art installation in the entire Bank of America City Center as part of the Celebrate Providence 375 Years city-wide activities. Using only colored painter’s tape, this 14,000 square foot drawing will take approximately three weeks to take form by the artists, and will culminate in a party on June 30th where attendees can remove the drawing by working together to lift up all the tape.

The concept for the large Tape Art drawing in Greater Kennedy Plaza will be rooted in the arrival of Roger Williams to Rhode Island.  The image will depict Roger Williams landing on the shores of Providence and then expand to 14,000 square feet – exploring his legacy through the themes of Hope, Freedom, Roots and Ingenuity. “We are thrilled to have such a large surface to draw on,” said artist Michael Townsend. “And through this work, we hope to help share the city’s incredible history, lore and ideals with all.”

“Professional public artist” Michael Townsend gained considerable national attention back in 2007 when it was discovered that he and a like-minded cohort of artists had carved out and outfitted a living space of sorts inside the mall building for four years before being found out and kicked out by mall security (ProJo). Tape art has since become one favored medium; he is pictured here working on ‘1700 Squirrels’.

Most of the work on the Roger Williams tape art project will be performed between June 16th to June 30. A panel discussion on the value of public art, originally scheduled for June 9, has been postponed to Thursday, June 23rd at 6pm. Chat with the artists while they work on Thursday, June 16, 4pm to 6pm. More tape-related events are on tap; go to Greater Kennedy Plaza for details.

Greater Kennedy Plaza, Bank of America City Center, (Event on Facebook)

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