How To Fix The Train Station

P What better way to celebrate the burning of the Gaspee than to suggest the moving of the Gaspee. Okay, that was tortured and lame but allow me to direct your attention to a piece that is not tortured and lame over at Greater City: Providence (REBOOT: Providence Train Station). Urban visionary and blogger extraordinaire, Jef Nickerson, has suggested a redesign of the Gaspee Street area between the train station and the State House for the purpose of giving the train station a much needed upgrade. Giving full credit to the Downcity Charrettes who may have birthed this plan, Jef takes the ball and runs with it. He details the problems of the current arrangement and makes a compelling and comprehensive case for a new design that business interests, environmentalists and urban dwellers should all find pretty appealing. (It probably involves some tree removal, but this might be worth it.) Just go read the whole piece.

Greater City: Providence is still one of the best blogs anywhere. Jef’s graphics (detail here), photography, lay-out, writing and reporting are as good as it gets.

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