The ‘Mericans CD Release Show — Friday

The 'Mericans Join spacey roots rockers, The ‘Mericans, at the CD/Record release party for their latest album ‘So Late It Hurts’ (great title, btw). They’ve put together a perfect card for Friday night’s show with Scarce, whose harrowing band bio should provide enough song fodder for a lifetime, and the gorgeous vocals of Tig & Bean as openers.

Jim Macnie writing for The Phoenix had this to say,

Few bands can turn a guitar jangle into a reason to live, but on Miracle Legion’s “Country Boy,” they connect the dots between Buffalo Springfield and Richard Thompson. Straw boss Chris Daltry says his influences range from cast iron skillets to Wild Turkey to reservoirs. Get the picture?

I also like that ‘Country Boy’ a lot, and the little guitar solo and weird bending fade at the end of ‘To Find Favor’ just kill me. Go here to listen.

(Photo by Winsor Pop. Left to right: Pete Lima, Chris Daltry, Paul Williamson (the new guy), and Michael Moore whose hair is getting even more awesome I don’t care what your mother says.)

$12 day of, show starts at 8pm, Friday, June 17, The Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket

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